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Using Your Phone as a Study Tool

Ideally all students have a distraction-free atmosphere with the luxury of time to dedicate to homework, studying, projects, etc. If you find yourself outside of that statement, you are not alone. Educators have the difficult task of finding ways to reinforce information presented in the classroom and that means generalizing home situations.

Whether you are responsible for your siblings, have a child to take care of, work, need to avoid your house, busy or any other circumstance preventing you from completing your work, I offer a free resource to make things a little easier.

Your voice.

That phone that keeps you connected, provides constant interruptions and maybe the source of your problems can be used as a solution. Its seemingly impossible to avoid your device completely and a bit absurd to ask you to do so. Instead let’s fixate on realistic remedies.

Access the ‘Voice Recorder’ widget, it could be labelled as ‘Sound Recorder’, ‘Voice Memos’ or some variant of the aforementioned, and verbalize your notes. While tending to other responsibilities or on transportation listen to your recordings to help retain information while multitasking. Since there is no need for writing something down, this option is excellent for on-the-go and/or hands free scenarios. When winding down for the night, let them play again. If you are one for group study sessions, have others record their notes and send to each member. Different people pick up on different things, and this gives you the opportunity to learn something you may have missed previously, but be careful to review any recordings that aren't yours and verify the facts.

Depending on your app (most are built-in previous to receiving your phone), recordings have varied time limits. Generally recordings over an hour may become hard to process so be mindful of how long you make each session. For tests encompassing a lot of information, consolidate major points of interest and make a new recording to use as a review guide. Data may become an issue if audio is racking up but files can be moved to your storage of preference. If you are fearful of losing your audio there are a plethora of recovery options from which to choose.

Life will never become less hectic, but it doesn’t have to completely prevent you from succeeding. Maximize your device’s capabilities to help improve your studying habits!

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