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Low-Income Program

No Closed Roads is dedicated to making tutoring available to all students despite their income. If a student is from a low-income household*, they can register for our low-income program and get tutoring services for free. Please call us or email us today to apply!

*Low-income status is determined based on Department of Housing and Urban Development

Frequently asked questions


The Ballet audition class will commence with Barre work – which may include Plies, Battement Tendu / Glisse. The Centre work will consist of an Adage and Pirouettes.

Required dress:

Plain black leotard, skin coloured or black tights and ballet shoes with or without socks. If you choose to wear socks, they should match the colour of your shoes. Your hair should be neat and off the face. Pointe shoes are not required. No jewellery or watches to be worn.


The Jazz class will consist of learning and performing a short routine containing technical elements which focuses on style, dynamic range, performance and theatricality.

Required dress:

Jazz shoes that are suitable for dance (i.e. no Converse or similar fashion shoes that are not designed for dance). No loose clothing is permitted.


The contemporary class will consist of a technical centre sequence followed by a movement phrase, focusing on attention to detail, fluidity and stylistic quality.

Required dress:

No loose clothing is permitted.

NB. All auditionees must conduct their own full independent physical warm up before they arrive to the online dance element of the audition.


During the day you will be invited for a short informal interview with a member of the Senior Leadership/Senior Management team.