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How to Polish Up Your Presentation Skills

Clara glanced nervously at the roomful of her classmates, who stared back at her expectantly, some begrudgingly, waiting for her to commence her presentation about the evolution of modern cinema. Her mouth felt dry as she began to sense the general weariness of her audience’s mood.

Clara has expressed her adoration of the modern film arts with her parents numerous times. However, a sense of reluctance overtook her as she knew of her project's requirement to publicly express her passion to a group of opinionated individuals. The people before her held various judgements, backgrounds, and perspectives, which further pressured Clara, as she attempted to share her personal interests and ideas with them.

Clara, like other students, shared a common barrier to gaining presentation and public-speaking skills. The barrier varies to each individual. It could be anxiousness, lack of confidence or even simply insufficient preparedness.