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Scholarships: True Stories

Recently in the news, students are being recognized for receiving amazing amounts of scholarships. As stated in a previous post, scholarships require a lot of work, time management, and dedication. These students certainly have gone above and beyond to secure their education. I hope they can be an inspiration to you and your student while trying to figure out how to pay for college.

To start, this is the story of a senior in Tennessee who graduated with $3 million dollars in scholarships. This young man had to overcome the passing of his father and becoming homeless while in high school. Even though his family was struggling, he knew he couldn’t let his schoolwork suffer. He and his brother were their class valedictorians. He earned over 50 scholarships and will go on to study electrical engineering.

Next, this is the story of a high school senior in Louisiana who earned $3.7 million in scholarships and has been accepted into 115 universities. Specifics into her life were not disclosed, but she simply had the dedication and drive to apply to as many colleges and scholarships as she could. She advises students to apply to every college and scholarship that does not have an application fee. The more hooks you cast, the more fish you'll catch.

Lastly, this is the story of a teenage mother who earned $1.2 million in scholarships. She found out she was pregnant her Junior year and decided to work "10 times harder" at her schoolwork. She hopes that her son will be class valedictorian and will also earn millions in scholarships. Her teachers helped keep her motivated when she was exhausted from taking care of her newborn. Everything she did was for him.

Each of these students came from different backgrounds and learned how to overcome challenges. Not everyone will win a scholarship, but there is a scholarship for everyone; it just takes effort and patience to find it. Encourage your children to strive for excellence and support them on their journey.

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Ivan D
Ivan D
Sep 04, 2021

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