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No Man (or Teen) Is an Island

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Our teen years are the most difficult years for trying to fit in with others. Teens are transitioning into young men and women who will be independent of their parents in a few short years. Being liked by others at this age, is critical for one’s own self-respect. Teenagers seem to validate themselves by their perspective of what others think of them. Not fitting in at this age can be devastating for how you feel about yourself and about life.

First, you need to know yourself. If you were buying new shoes, you would need to know your size. Likewise, to “fit in” you need to know what you want to be a part of. Think about what is missing in not belonging. Do you want to share, lead or follow? If you want to lead or be the center of attention, remember someone else is already there. You will make an enemy if you try to step into this role. You may even embarrass or alienate yourself for trying.