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How ‘Fitting in’ and Your Locus of Control are Connected

I made my way through the hallways, whilst nervously looking around me at the people passing by. I hate being new. Between having to make new friends and adjust to a different school setting, being the new kid is not easy. “Nadine Khalil”, the teacher called my name. “Why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself Nadine”, she continued, gesturing to the classroom. “Uhh hi everyone. I’m Nadine. I just moved here,” I hesitantly said. “Alright then, moving on to...” the teacher dragged on shortly after. We should have just stayed back home, where I belonged somewhere.

Nadine is not an uncommon character found in school. Others, like Nadine, struggle to find belonging. One of the largely discussed factors that have been associated with the sense of belonging is the locus of c