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Creating The Right Study Space

Finding the right space to study can be one of the most difficult, yet one of the most important things for you to do. If you aren’t comfortable where you are studying then you are going to be less productive, or at least more distracted.

Some people can’t study in the library and feel more comfortable in their dorm room. Some people prefer the hum of a coffee shop or being outside. There are a few key things that all study spaces should have specialized to you.

Adequate lighting

You might not think about it, but lighting plays a big part in how productive you are. If a room is too dim it can make it difficult to stay awake if you may have already had a long day. Or it can make you sleepy all of a sudden. Too bright of lighting can cause a headache or be distracting. Soft lighting is best for long study sessions, and it will give you just enough light to read or work on a computer.

If you are prone to headaches while working for a long time on the computer, try blue light blocking glasses. They only cost a few dollars, but work like a charm. It will dim the blue light on your screen that causes eye strain and headaches. Put adequate lighting and these glasses together and you will be good to go for hours of studying. But remember, you should limit the amount of time you stare at digital devices to help decrease this discomfort as well. Take 20 minute breaks every hour to help relieve your eyes from the digital world.