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5 Sites for Self-Directed Learning Content

Right now, students are spending more time than ever in front of a screen. Meanwhile, teachers are scrambling to digitize course content in a way that is both engaging and accessible. That said, now is a great time to explore sites that allow you to take ownership of your own learning in a stress-free environment, where you’re in control of the content. Perhaps you’d like to reinforce concepts that you’re studying in school. Or maybe you’d like to let curiosity be your guide. Either way, here are five sites where you can engage with self-directed learning content online that are absolutely free.

Part of Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, LabXchange brings the scientific laboratory to you. With curated and user-created digital learning content that allows you to think like a scientist and explore the scientific process, students work to solve real-world problems and take control of their own learning. The online platform allows for educational and research experiences including interactive simulations, learning through context, and the opportunity to troubleshoot experimental designs.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free online courses, lessons, and practice. They offer personalized learning with content in K-12 math, grammar, science, and history, in addition to AP and SAT practice. With resources for students and teachers, users choose the content and level that's appropriate for learners, allowing for differentiated learning and a wealth of resources for every grade level.

Discovery Education offers free educational resources to meet the needs of our times, from remote, hybrid, or in-person learning. With programs in science, STEM, social studies, and math, as well as coding and professional learning, both teachers and students can engage with self-paced, engaging content. Digital field trips and other immersive experiences bring the world to you through authentic real-world content designed to fit students' needs and interests.

This child-focused application delivers reading, writing, and numeracy education. Designed to be used on android tablets, this app can be accessed at home or in school and can be utilized in different languages to support equitable, bilingual, learning. Self-guided learning units help students learn at their level through thousands of interactive activities, games, and stories.

Quizlet makes vocabulary learning fun with flashcards and games to support learning in multiple subjects. Flash-card templates allow for easy set-up for either students or teachers and encourage both self-study and collaborative learning through interactive games like Quizlet Live and Gravity, which help build community and encourage learning goals.

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