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The Many Benefits of Tutoring

It may seem pretty straightforward when it comes to what the benefits of tutoring are. Much like the old adage of “practice makes perfect”, so the same goes for the process of learning. You can equate studying and tutoring (think of it as guided studying with a learning coach) with the practice of a sport, musical instrument or some other skill like drawing, for example. The more you participate, without over doing it, the better your outcome will most likely be. And when it comes to tutoring, think of it as not just help with a specific subject or someone helping you cram for a test, think of the act of learning from a tutor as being holistic, beneficial for you in more than just raising your grades. For the emotional benefits of tutoring can be just as beneficial, if not more so in some cases, as the academic one

Some important reasons to get extra help with learning are as follows:

Meeting specific student needs.

There may be a certain subject or assigned task, like, say, a research paper that you need help with, and your teacher may not have enough time throughout the school day to spend with you on the questions and guidance you need. Or you have broader learning difficulties, like, say, reading comprehension or math anxiety. Parents often times don’t feel confident or have enough time trying to tackle any and all of these issues, so this is where a tutor comes in.

One-on-one time.

The individual time you get with a tutor allows for a certain degree of discretion or privacy that the student may feel relieved about. Questions they may have had but were too embarrassed to ask in a classroom setting are easier to ask on a one-on-one basis where there will be an atmosphere of “there is no such thing as a dumb question.” Your tutor is your caring partner-in-learning.

Learning to learn.

This is where the tutor teaches not to just the subject at hand, but begins to instill techniques on how to learn. They equip the learner with healthy, proven-to-be successful study habits and behavior. This can be anything from how to stop and see problems from different perspectives that might help break a mental block, memorization techniques, or how to simply sit down with all the materials and resources you need to get started on a routine study session or after school assignment.

Creates an independent learner.

Mental organization and a structured plan to accomplish the studying is a very important key to academic improvement. You know what they say, “You can catch a fish for someone and they eat for a day, or you can teach that person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” This rings true in this instance as well. Tutoring is an opportunity to get a more in-depth insight on how to do this studying and academic thing more successfully on your own. Tutors are always there to help with class subjects and school projects, but having the confidence to strike out on your own, too, will have a wonderful ripple effect into other areas of the students life. For example, this new confidence could also aid in the reduction of procrastination and an increase in motivation, or even reduce risky behavior where the student feels more equipped to deal with the pressures of academia and may not feel the need to turn to unhealthy relationships or substances to cope with their stress.

Improved attitude toward school and learning.

The first time a student experiences success as a result of the extra time and effort they put forth by enlisting the guidance of a tutor will most likely have a profound positive effect on them. School suddenly might not seem so frustrating now. And whenever they come across a new area that they begin to struggle in or are not feeling confident with, they have the peace of mind knowing that they have their own tutor, their own learning guide, to turn to who will be enthusiastic about helping them. Their anxiety will be lowered and self-esteem will be built up from their successes as long the tutoring doesn’t just focus on the topic of study itself, but also builds a foundation for how to approach these situations as they arise too.There’s freedom to be found when your teacher assigns a big hairy book report and you don’t sweat it so much anymore because you know how to go about getting started now and have a proven success plan to follow. That kind of confidence creates a love of learning, which is what I think many people would agree is arguably more important than just getting good grades.

So now that we’ve gone over the many important benefits of tutoring, both from an academic and emotional perspective, it’s time to take action now, sooner rather than later.

No Closed Roads, Inc. offers affordable tutoring for K-12 students in the Macon, Georgia area and is there for your student’s many tutoring needs. Contact them today for the sake of your student’s success now and into the future.

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