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From Bore to Explore: Get Your Child Reading More

Updated: May 4, 2019

I think children come in two settings: they love to read or they hate to read. Some kids are reading chapter books for fun and others see reading as a chore. For parents with kids who don’t want to read, it is frustrating and tiresome to get them to finish their reading assignments (or even start!). You’ve tried bribery, limiting screen time, taking away distractions, and every other parenting technique to get them to sit down and read. Don’t be discouraged. It’s never too late to help your children learn to love to read. Here are a few more tools you can add to your parenting box to help encourage your children to read.

1. Ask yourself, do you read? Even if you’re not an avid bookworm, do your kids see you read something that isn't on social media? Kids are sponges, and they want to imitate their parents. If they don’t see you read, then why should they? I would encourage you to find time in your busy schedule to squeeze in a few minutes of reading; you might enjoy it.

2. Read together. If you h