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Enjoying Summer AND Staying on Track: Reading Trackers & Challenges

Yearbook signings. Cleaning out desks and lockers. End of the year parties and the sweet sound of the final bell! The end of the school year is anxiously awaited by many. Summer is a well-deserved break for students, but it doesn’t have to mean a break from literacy and reading improvement.

When students take a total “break” from reading over the summer, they can lose up to three-months of reading progress, according to Research also shows that students from lower-socioeconomic groups are more adversely affected by summer reading loss than students from middle- or high-income families. Rather than fear the summer, why not face this situation head-on and turn it into an opportunity and a fun challenge for your child?

Below are three ideas for setting reading goals with your child and staying on track. After all, summer is a time for fun, not worry!