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Finding the Right Amount of Stress

A student’s life is met with numerous events and milestones. A common constant throughout their lives is stress. The term "stress" has more than one connotation. For instance, Richard Lazarus, a notable psychologist, has developed a theoretical perspective on stress that defines it as an instance where an individual’s demands exceed their social and personal resources which they are able to utilize. Therefore, the strains of stress are unavoidable throughout a human’s life.

Other definitions of stress come from Hans Selye, a scientist in the field of endocrinology, who categorized the term as “mutual actions of forces that take place across any section of the body, physical or psychological.” In other words, stress stimulates a response from the human body towards unpleasant circumstances.

The coping strategies associated with stress are countless. Students may feel the need to keep their issues to themselves. Furthermore, experts are able to categorize the most common coping strategies of stress into two different bases’, problem and emotion-focused coping.